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Our Process


Estimating, Value Engineering, and Pre-construction

  • Providing thorough and thoughtful pricing is a Stone Truss hallmark. Working through the items on a particular type of project that have caused trouble in the past is paramount if the job is to get off on the right foot and is to run smoothly. Identifying these issues and providing work arounds is something we do particularly well.
  • During the estimating process, we are happy to provide value engineering ideas to make sure that ownership is spending its hard-earned dollars efficiently.
  • Stone Truss also provides pre-construction services such as material usability evaluations, logistics planning, and means and methods discussions.

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Design and Detailing

  • Founder Anthony Tauriello started in the stone business as a draftsman in 1972. Detailing is at the core of who Stone Truss is as a company. A thorough set of shop drawings generated by our in-house drafting department allows us to display our attention to detail and to provide complete information for coordination with other trades on our projects.
  • We work in AutoCAD, Inventor, and Revit.
  • Design-Build applications are also part of our repertoire. We are currently working on a Design-Build project with Rafael Vinoly Architects, and Netta Architects on the Frank J Guarini Justice Complex in Jersey City. NJ.
  • We provide signed and sealed calculations along with stamped drawings for our work whether exterior or interior.
  • From approved shop drawings, our detailers generate fabrication and cutting tickets which are sent abroad or provided to our own shop as applicable.

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Manufacturing and Fabrication

  • Depending on the size of the project, Stone Truss determines if the manufacturing of the stone should happen in our shop in NJ, or if it should be undertaken by our agent in Italy. Stone Truss has a 40-year relationship with a firm in the Massa-Carrara area of Italy who has collaborated with us on all of our award-winning work.
  • For larger projects, we strongly recommend that a Dry-Lay be undertaken. Stone Truss manages and takes part in this process from initial samples to dry lay approvals and packaging.
  • From the fabrication tickets described above, fabrication begins with lead times clearly discussed and adhered to.
  • Stone Truss has its own warehouse facility in NJ including all necessary trucks and in house drivers. Material can be stored for an agreed upon time frame to await job start.
  • For areas on a project where dimensions cannot be determined ahead of time, oversized pieces are brought in and can be cut to size in our shop once dimensions are available.
  • Likewise, for tenant fit-out projects, turnaround of countertops, credenzas, vanity tops, reception desks, etc. are under our control.
  • Material is packaged and shipped based on sequencing discussion between Stone Truss and our clients.

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  • In the NYC Metropolitan area (including NJ and Southern Connecticut), Stone Truss will install any and all of the work which we provide.
  • Exterior Stone with all related rigging including engineering of the rigging methods.
  • Interior dimensional stone on stainless steel clips, brass wire and plaster applications, or mud set for paving.
  • Interior stone tile, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, mosaic tile, quarry tile in thin set or mastic applications.
  • Any of our manufactured stone amenities such as countertops, credenzas, pantry tops, monumental stairs, reception desks, etc.
  • Restoration services

Our Work
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