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Exterior Services

Stone Truss Systems has provided Exterior Stone services since our inception in the late 1980s. The scope of these services is quite comprehensive:

Handset Stone

  • Handset stone is generally dimensional stone set on stainless steel clips and pointed with mortar or caulked with a high-quality silicone such as Dow 790. Often it is vertical wall stone and includes all adjacent copings, cornices, window surrounds, etc.

Our Work

Maimonides Medical Center

Rockefeller University Amphitheater SNF DR River Campus

Sitework Stone

  • Sitework stone can include pavers, benches, planters, fountains, water-table or base course stone, stairs, signage, etc.  Items generally seen in the plaza area outside large office buildings or in park spaces.

Our Process

Paver Stone

  • Floor paving in an exterior application is generally done with a mud set of dimensional stone in varying thicknesses (usually 3cm (1-1/4″ nominal) or 5cm thick (2″ nominal). The mud set is composed of a sand and cement mix gauged with latex additive and water in proportions designed to meet the performance requirements set out by the architect and/or engineer. This stone is “beat in” with a rawhide mallet leaving a very flat and very durable installation.

Luma Hotel

Thick Set Ventilated Facade Stone

  • Ventilated facades (rain screens) are almost always manufactured using thin and lightweight materials.
  • On occasion, a design will call for thicker stone to be used in an open joint ventilated façade application. At Stone Truss, we can provide this type of anchoring in 2cm thru 5cm thick back anchored wall stone off the shelf. If a thickness greater than this is required, we can accommodate, but may need longer lead times to design, engineer, and manufacture.

Truss Stone

  • Although much more rare these days than in the 1980’s when the stone truss system, pioneered in part by Founder Anthony Tauriello lent us its name, stone on a tube steel truss can still come in handy in certain applications.  The panelization of thick stone for installation of large quantities of stone in a shorter period of time is one of those applications.  The connection of oddly shaped pieces is another. On the Fendi project at 598 Madison Ave, we used a stone truss to install the 3-dimensionally carved travertine window awnings.

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Fendi New York 57th Street

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